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Accessibility Features

This site has been created with special accessibility features that allow it to be used by a wide audience. Some special features to note are:

  • "Skip to Content" links have been added to the top of every document to allow users of text-to-speech browsers easy navigation.
  • Alternative text has been used for all important images. This feature is used for text-to-speech browsers and all-text browsers.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have been used to control much of the site's layout.
  • Relative units have been used to control the width of text on each page. This allows users to adjust the width of the browser without causing horizontal scrolling and it allows displayed text to flow well when resized.
  • Font sizes can be adjusted using browser settings.

Increasing text size in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6.x an 7.x

  • On the View menu select Text Size
  • Choose the font size you require

Increasing text size in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 2.x

  • On the View menu, click Text Size
  • Select Increase, Decrease or Normal

Increasing text size in Safari

Safari 2.x

  • On the View menu, select 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'

Increasing text size in Opera

Opera 8.x

  • On the View menu, select Zoom then select the zoom percentage.

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